Provide Distinctive Designs That add Visual Interest and Different Opacity Levels to any Space

Pattern glass is used in nearly any application where a clear piece of glass is currently found and where added privacy and obscurity is needed without blocking light. Pattern glass enhances the privacy, beauty, and visibility of restaurants, offices, homes and other custom environments.

ArtVue Glass is distinguished by not only provided industry leading pattern glass, but also by combining different pattern glass with other decorative glass options, such as back painting, decorative interlayers, and laminated.

All thicknesses and sizes in inches. Actual glass may vary slightly from the image shown. Stock size may vary.

Features and Benefit of Obscure Textured Pattern Glass

  • Make genuinely unique one-of-a-kind designs
  • Customize a look to match existing decorating themes
  • Remain fully functional and durable, just like clear glass
  • Durable design to meet your specifications

Different glass configurations are also available — annealed, tempered, and laminated — to make a genuinely unique design fit for any solution.

Maintaining Patterned Glass

With the latest methods and the most reliable materials to curate patterned glass, you don't need to worry about maintaining that classy look too much.

Use glass cleaner and any household non-abrasive items and have your glass sparkling all the time.

Privacy, visibility, luxury, and aesthetics, ArtVue’s obscure glass offers an extensive range of benefits.

How Is Obscure Glass Made?

ArtVue Glass prides itself on high-quality obscure glass creation, personalized design, and quality that lasts.

Obscure glass is created by taking two counter-rotating cylinders and passing partially molten float glass beneath them. The upper cylinder imprints a pattern on the top surface of the glass, while the lower cylinder keeps the back surface smooth.

To prevent any cracking, the glass is slowly cooled down in a process called annealing to relieve internal residual stresses introduced during manufacturing.

Since obscure glass contains a pattern on one side, we are able to laminate our obscure glass with other products – namely mirror, safety and structural interlayers and back painted glass – for a truly unique look.

Applications of Obscure Patterned Glass

Easy to design and featuring seamless installation, obscure textured pattern glass can be used wherever you wish to create a modern vibe or make an impression that lasts.

It can be installed in commercial or residential places alike.


  • Doors
  • Railings
  • Shopfronts
  • Displays
  • Conference Rooms
  • Wall Partitions
Commercial Laminated Glass


  • Shower Doors and Enclosures
  • Glass Tabletops
  • Separators
  • Kitchen Cabinet Door Inserts
  • Shelving
  • Windows
  • Home Office Doors
  • Basement Bedroom Doors
  • Kitchen Backsplash
Residential Laminated Glass

Breathe new life into your interiors with aesthetic, one-of-a-kind, personalized designs that resonate with your identity and caters to your needs.

The Levels of Obscurity In Obscure Textured, Patterned Glass

The prime purpose of obscure glass is to offer you the privacy you want while still allowing natural light to be transmitted.

You can choose between the levels or let us know what kind of obscurity you desire.

Do you want to see partially behind the glass or wish for a completely hidden view? Whatever the case, we have you covered.

Obscure Textured Patterned Glass

Enjoy The Array Of Benefits Of Natural Light. Embrace Obscure Glass!

Adding obscure, patterned glass to your home comes with an added benefit – impeccable light diffusion.

Instead of going completely sheer with transparent glass, or entirely hidden with an opaque one, choose to go the mid-transparency obscure way and let natural light flow through your home, seamlessly.

Way better than artificial lighting, natural light enhances the quality of your life and offers you an extensive range of benefits, including:

✓ Lower Electricity Costs
✓ Reduced Eyestrain
✓ Healthier Skin
✓ Well-regulated Sleep Pattern
✓ Enhanced Focus and Productivity
✓ High psychological well-being

Wake up to beautiful streaks of sunlight peering through the glass and begin your day with a smile on your face.

ArtVue Glass cares about you and your health and gives you nothing less than the best.

Benefits Of Natural Light

Frosted And Opaque Obscure Glass

Glass type, design, and area of installation play a large role in deciding which obscure glass to purchase. But do not be confused, because you have the experts at ArtVue ready to provide assistance.

Frosted glass is a type of obscure glass with a highly translucent surface that emits less light and primarily hides view so that only fuzzy silhouettes of the other behind the glass are visible.

When searching for the right material for shower doors, washroom windows, or anywhere you wish to add the touch of glass without harming privacy – frosted obscure glass is the way to go.

In contrast, opaque obscure glass is of the highest obscurity level and is installed in displays, washrooms, and meeting rooms, among other places.

Make maintaining privacy a convenience without compromising on light and visibility! Embrace frosted and opaque Obscure Glass.

Frosted And Opaque Obscure Glass

Countless Design Choices For Obscure Glass

Obscure glass and customization – you can tune your property’s interior according to your design preferences.

Plain, frosted obscure glass offers simplicity to your private spaces. With acid-etched and sandblasted frosted options, maintain light and visibility to your liking. Ribbed glass adds texture to interiors and offers even more control over visibility and privacy.

From flower patterns to geometric designs, patterned glass turns any ordinary space into a place beaming with class and luxury. You can even opt for bubbled obscure glass to uplift the ambiance in your restaurant or provide showers and bathrooms a nature-like feel.

At ArtVue, we design and create custom obscure glasses to transform your place’s outlook and optimize privacy.

Patterned Glass: Modern, Customizable & Durable

If you want to stay on top of interior trends but opt for personalized glass designs that are bound to last, patterned glass is the go-to option.

Whether you hire an interior designer, look up patterns online, or choose to go completely unique, you simply can’t go wrong.

You’ll find leaves, Flemish, and tiny squares are some of the common patterns for glass. At ArtVue, you can even point us to patterns that resonate with you or complement your overall home’s feel.

With every design, you can maneuver the level of obscurity and privacy to your needs. From bathroom windows and shower screens to patio doors and privacy walls, any residential or commercial space can elevate its aesthetic appeal with custom patterned glass.

Make your home or office stand out!

Thin ReedBubbles ObscureReeded Obscure

Investment In Privacy & Aesthetics

Clear glass is cheaper than patterned glass.

But the level of privacy, security, and design that textured glass promises are unmatched. At ArtVue, we make sure to cover every aspect of the glass to tailor it to your requirements while providing affordable all-round solutions.

Consider patterned obscure glass an investment for your home or business that continues paying dividends for years to come.

Invest in comfort and convenience!

What Makes Obscure Glass Special?

Combining modern architecture with functionality, obscure glass is just as its name beholds – a glass that is obscure. This brings forth the idea of privacy through added design, texture, and geometric shapes.

Play with the levels of opacity to create an environment as intimate or transparent as you want. Promoting privacy, security, and modern aesthetics, obscure glass is a way to amp up your interiors without going out of your way or budget, and ArtVue can help with that.

Reach out to us for a customized quote!