Everything We Do is Custom

ArtVue Glass in-house fabrication capabilities and years of experience enables them to know how to combine different glass materials together to create the design look you desire without compromising function and durability.

The wide selection of products and options enables ArtVue Glass to work with diverse clientele of commercial businesses and individual homeowners throughout the world.

ArtVue Glass is a trusted partner with designers, interior decorators, architects, glazing contractors and individual homeowners who wish to design unique glass creations to fit in unusual spaces.

Custom Glass

Types of Custom Glass

The ArtVue Glass team offers tailored architectural decorative glass and mirror because of the vast array of materials with which we work. These include:

  • Annealed, tempered, laminated, and laminated-tempered glass.
  • Clear, low iron, patterned, tinted, and back painted glass.
  • Standard and antique mirror glass.
  • Specialized interlayers for both decorative and structural applications.
  • Our product families also form the foundation of our custom glass.

Custom Glass

Antique Mirror

Our antique mirrors offer a consistent soft and subtle pattern that creates a unique and intimate feel to a room or space.

Back Painted Glass

Ideal for high-traffic spaces, Back Painted glass is resistant to humidity and does not require grouting.

Laminated Glass

Create unique designs using different types of decorative glass laminated together while adding the benefits of safety, UV protection and sound dampening.

Pattern Glass

Provides distinctive designs that add visual interest and different opacity levels to any space.

Crackle Glass

Crackle glass is not just any shattered glass. Its unique and exclusive design makes any piece of décor, such as tabletops and kitchen backsplashes, an extraordinary addition.

If you have a custom project in mind, contact the experts at ArtVue Glass and take the first step toward making your vision a reality. We are happy to offer a free consultation, answer all of your questions so you have confidence that we will deliver on your needs.