Unlimited Back Painted Glass Color Options

Back painted glass adds vibrancy and versatility to any interior space. Back painted glass is an eco-friendly, durable, hygienic, and versatile surface material for wall cladding, backsplashes, countertops, accent walls, marker boards, and more.

Ideal for high-traffic spaces, back-painted glass is an excellent alternative to other surfacing materials such as wallpaper, wood laminate, wall paneling, and paint. Back painted glass is easy to maintain, easy to clean, humidity-resistant, and does not require grouting.

Back Painted Glass

Unlimited Color Options

One of the most appealing aspects of back-painted glass is the unlimited color options available. No longer are designers and interior decorators limited by color swatches available. Use your inspiration and imagination to create colors in limitless possibilities.

Trust the Experts

ArtVue Glass has extensive experience producing high-quality and durable back painted products. In addition, ArtVue Glass maintains the latest color-matching equipment available to ensure your design color matches the finished product.

Back painted glass can also be custom cut and fitted to accommodate any space. With ArtVue Glass' experience and know-how, it is possible to incorporate notches, holes, and cutouts without compromising the integrity of the glass or the clarity of the color.

Architects and designers can now specify a water-based, eco-friendly paint with confidence in its long-term stability.

Back Painted Glass

Not sure if back painted glass will fit your color palette? ArtVue Glass can supply sample plaques or fully heat cured samples before completing your project as part of their quality assurance process.

Features and Benefits of Back Painted Glass

  • Versatile: Suitable for interior and exterior applications, available tempered, laminated, or annealed, limitless range of colors, a wide range of glass surface options from smooth to textured to lightly etched.
  • Durable: Ideal for high-traffic spaces. Resistant to humidity, scratches, UV radiation, and moisture. Back painted glass by ArtVue Glass has been tested by an independent laboratory.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The paint used by ArtVue Glass is explicitly designed for glass decoration, unlike other paints. ArtVue Glass uses ultra-clear, low-iron glass to produce a more accurate color representation that is crisp and clean.
  • Eco-Friendly: The water-based polyurethane paint has near-zero VOCs and is APE content-free. Complies with the latest standards in building sustainability.
  • Low Maintenance: Easy to clean and hygienically non-porous, which helps cut down on germs and bacteria. It does not require grouting between panels, so installation and maintenance are simplified.
  • Made in the USA.

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Maintenance And Cleaning

Upholding functionality and ease of use, the maintenance and cleaning of back painted glass is a hassle-free endeavor.

Choose a non-acid alkali/ammonia-based cleaner. Use a smooth brush or cloth and submerge it in the soapy water solution. Then, clean the surface with gentle strokes.

Ensure the water does not pool towards the edges of the glass as this can harm the paint at the back.

Most Common Back Painted Glass Colors

White Back Painted Glass

Combining elegance and class, the white back painted glass by ArtVue Glass is a sight to set your space apart. With an independently tested paint formulation, the rich ultra-white hues are the best for wall-cladding in kitchens, washrooms, and living spaces alike.

White Back Painted Glass
Black Back Painted Glass

Black Back Painted Glass

Sleek, modern, and trendy; black back painted glass adds a touch of class to the walls for a contemporary interior. Diffusing light and reflections, this black beauty by ArtVue Glass depicts a satin-like finish with smooth, durable, and easy maintenance material.

Blue Back Painted Glass

Break free from the usual hues and let blue back painted glass light up your space. Environmentally friendly and long-lasting, the glass has a baked-in-color coating and incredible vibrancy. Invoke aquatic vibes and breathe life into your space.

Blue Back Painted Glass

Grey Back Painted Glass

The search for appealing neutrals ends at grey back painted glass by ArtVue Glass. The paint formula is tested and ready for use, with a durable life, and the ability to withstand backsplashes. Let the lights diffuse into the smooth texture of the grey glass and bring modernity to your living and professional spaces.

Best Construction of Back Painted Glass

With the cutting-edge glass tech at ArtVue Glass, we mold our glass palettes and sizes to suit your needs. Exhibiting an expert cut, fit, and finish, our smooth back painted glass can be customized in any hue. From ultra-whites to humble greys and vibrant blues, the sky is the limit to your imagination in back painted glass for your interior needs.

Back Painted Glass

Low Iron (Left) & Standard Green Glass (right)

Smooth Ultra-clear Back Painted Glass Surface

When looking for class and a modern feel, smooth is just what you need, and it is exactly what you get at ArtVue Glass. Instead of the usual greenish float glass, we use the low iron flat glass as our glass substrate for a smooth, seamless, crystal-clear finish.

Do you have a specific thickness or size in mind for your smooth back painted glass surface? We customize!

Textured and Patterned Back Painted Glass Surface

Are you searching for something more than just smooth? We have you covered with our in-house back painting glass facility. We cut, grind, laminate, and color your glass as you desire.

Add depth to your back painted glass. Choose from our textured and patterned glass collection.

Textured and Patterned Back Painted Glass Surface

Laminated Back Painted Glass

Do you consider glass wall cladding to be slightly dangerous? With laminated back painted glass, you remain worry-free.

Adding the element of safety to impressive aesthetics, such glass allows the shards to remain intact even in case of an accident and breakage.

Prevent cuts and injuries. Go the safe way with laminated back painted glass by ArtVue Glass.

Structural Laminated Back Painted Glass

When aesthetics and functionality combine, the result is structural laminated back painted glass.

At ArtVue Glass, a certified SentryGlas® Laminator, we understand the need for modern, less-framed glass structures in contemporary architecture. This is why our glass designs are able to withstand high water and humidity, exhibiting unmatched strength and eye-capturing decorative designs.

Perfect for backsplashes and wall cladding, our structural laminated back painted glass can be installed in glass stairways, washrooms, skylights, railings, and beyond. Easy to install and easier to maintain, achieve a glossy finish and artistic interiors with our unique back painted glass.

Metallic Back Painted Glass

No rust, no flake, no dents – a seamless, smooth surface awaits your eyes with our metallic back painted glass.

A bestselling feature of our collection, the metallic back painted glass resembles the look of polished metal – only better! Glossy, classic, and smooth to the touch, add a hint of style and class to your interiors with the world of metallic hues.

Silver, gold, copper, metallic blues, or beyond; the glass allows light to continue shining in your space, illuminating your interiors and style! (Include thumbnails and images)

Metallic Back Painted Glass

Back Painted Glass Uses and Applications

Are you tired of staring at large, plain walls? Do you wish to glam up your interiors?

In residential and commercial spaces alike, back painted glass is the new, trendy way to amplify aesthetics and breathe modernity into standard interiors.

Here’s how you can use back painted glass:

  • Accent Wall
  • Wall Cladding
  • Backsplashes
  • Kitchen Cabinet Facing
  • Marker Boards
  • Whiteboards
  • Shower Walls
  • Small Spaces
  • Tabletops
  • Glass Walls
Back Painted Glass

From restaurants and bars to casinos, hotels, and homes, back painted glass exhibits the art of montage in appealing, accented themes to uplift the overall ambiance. Fill the empty spaces with colors that matter.

Accent Wall and Wall Cladding with Back Painted Glass

Sometimes, painting all walls with vibrant hues might seem like going overboard. With the distinct wall cladding by ArtVue Glass, add an accent wall in the room and make your space stand out.

An accent wall is a singular wall in a room that is very different from the other walls. With back painted glass, you can ensure the wall is not just different, it is extraordinary.

From metallics to mattes, choose a hue and texture to adorn your accent wall with, and let the back painted glass do wonders for your room by bringing in variation and modernity.

Accent Wall and Wall Cladding
Backsplash with Back Painted Glass

Backsplash with Back Painted Glass

When looking to improve your kitchen’s aesthetics, the backsplash should be your first stop.

Located between the cabinet and countertops, the originally tiled backsplashes are now being modernized with back painted glass to make your kitchen – a canvas of art.

With a glossy finish, smooth exterior, and low-maintenance surface, add color and life to your food space with spill-free, beautiful back painted glass by ArtVue Glass.

Kitchen Cabinet Facing with Back Painted Glass

Are you tired of the usual, traditional kitchen cabinets? Do you wish to give them a much-needed makeover?

At ArtVue Glass, we provide back painted glass of your selected colors in kitchen cabinet faces to add pops of color to contemporary, monotone kitchens. Featuring a smooth surface, the glass is easy to wipe, eliminates spill stains, and remains germ-free.

Begin with one or two cabinet faces or go all out with a thorough back painted glass outlook for your kitchen; we strive to satisfy you.

Kitchen Cabinet Facing with Back Painted Glass

Back Painted Glass in Small Spaces

If your space is small, there is a way to enhance its look and make it appear spacious: Back painted glass.

Enlarging compact spaces, back painted glass bounces off the light to create a visual effect of spaciousness. Use it in your washroom, kitchen, room, or retail store and have your area appear bigger, brighter, and bolder than ever before!

Back Painted Glass Wall

Ditch the regular paints and tiles and bring your space alive with a vibrant back painted glass wall. From pastels and metallics to mattes, ArtVue Glass has an entire palette at your disposal to design your wall as you wish.

We match our glass cuts and finish with your architectural design to uplift the ambiance with matching or contrasting-hued back painted glass walls that are as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Back Painted Markerboards and Whiteboards

Modern times require cutting-edge changes, and back painted markerboards are here to pave the way.

Easy to install and easier to use, back painted glass acts as a message board and can be installed in classes, collaboration rooms, conference areas, reception desks, and beyond.

Use a dry-erase marker to write on the glass and erase it just as easily. Unlike metal painted surfaces and melamine resin boards that can gain stains and scratches over time, our back painted whiteboards are durable and aesthetic, appearing just as new.

Combine your boards with steel backs to make them magnetic or simply use them as markerboards – your wish is our command.

Note: Only use dry-erase markers on back painted glass boards. Refrain from using permanent markers.

Back Painted Markerboards and Whiteboards

Back Painted Glass Countertops

Are you annoyed with frequent spills and resulting high maintenance of traditional countertops?

Back painted glass countertops come with functionality, durability, and ease of maintenance – all in one. Customize the color according to your interiors and add this modern feature to your space for an exquisite outlook.

Back Painted Glass Shower Walls

The humidity and water splashes in your shower can result in mildew growth on the walls, which can prove difficult to clean. Open possibilities for your shower's ambiance with back painted glass shower walls. Water, scrub, and wipe them clean, and they are as good as new.

With the ability to withstand humidity, steam, and water, adorn your shower wall with back painted glass to create a tranquil, aesthetic ambiance. Use pastel hues for a spa-like feel or go for eccentric bolds to add enthusiasm and joy to your bathroom walls.

The possibilities are endless, and the benefits – unmatchable!

Back Painted Glass Shower Walls
Back Painted Tabletop

Back Painted Tabletop

Bid farewell to the usual wooden tables and introduce them to the art of colored glass.

At ArtVue Glass, we revamp old tables to give them a fresh, updated look with easy clean back painted tabletops. Choose a color, size, and thickness, and let our team work the magic.

With back painted glass, we bring something new to the table – pun intended.

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