Create a Vintage, Old-world Look With a Sense of Elegance

Whether you are looking to enhancing a large architectural building or create a quaint living space, the antique mirrors offered by ArtVue Glass will give you many different design options to help achieve your desired look and feel.

Customers, designers, decorators, and architects can choose from our wide selection of antique mirrors. Because of our continued dedication and strong supplier relationships, we maintain a large stock of both the most popular styles and unique designs for your choosing.


Our antique mirrors contain a superior backing paint that protects the antique mirror pattern, allows for a strong adhesive bonding surface, and lets us finish the edges without flaking.

Actual antique mirror pattern and color may vary slightly from the image shown.

Features & Benefits

  • Each piece of glass is professionally finished through a proprietary oxidation and silvering process that cannot be duplicated by DIY or other aging methods.
  • Authentic antiqued variations in color and appearance.
  • Standard smooth mirror back for easy installation.
  • Actual sheets may vary in color and appearance from samples and from sheet to sheet.
  • We work with all customers to maximize sheet utilization and reduce scrap.
  • Custom cut to any size.

Mirror Tiles Also Available

  • All antique mirror patterns are also available as pre-cut tiles.
  • Standard sizes of either 4” x 6” or 4” x 12”.
  • Order all of the same pattern or mix and match for a unique design.
  • All tiles come with a light seamed edge for safe handling.

Need safety specifications to further prevent breakage? Laminated antique mirror available. Have special design requirements, such as combining with other glass products for a truly unique piece?

20 Best Examples of Antique Mirror Applications

When it comes to mirror glass, sometimes you want the glitz and glamour of a standard piece. But when looking for something that will stand out in style as well as function, there's nothing quite like antique or distressed mirror glass. Here are twenty different applications of antique mirrors worth considering when designing your next space.

Residential Interiors

  1. Bathrooms
  2. Hallways
  3. Living Room
  4. Framed
  5. Tiled Backsplash
  6. Furniture
  7. Over a Fireplace
  8. In the Bedroom
  9. Behind a Wet Bar

Commercial Interiors

  1. Hospitality
  2. Lobby Areas
  3. Restaurants and Bars
  4. Hotels
  5. Elevator Cab Interiors
  6. Hallways
  7. Lounges
  8. Casinos
  9. Department Stores
  10. Boutique Shops
  11. Wall Cladding

Residential Interiors

Antique mirrors are best suited in many ways for residential spaces. Particularly if the building is a period structure or if you are just looking to achieve a certain style. Whether used in a reception area/hallway or living room or bathroom, they can elevate the whole feeling of a room.

1. Bathroom Antique Mirrors

Most effective bathroom design ideas use a combination of modern and traditional. An antique mirror is a great addition to this kind of bathroom where there is a mix of extravagance with the minimal. An important decision to make when choosing an antique mirror for your bathroom is choosing the right glass that will help make the style of these beautiful mirrors stand out.

Bathroom Antique Mirrors

2. Vintage Mirrors

Vintage mirrors offer an incredible amount of versatility and flexibility. For example, vintage mirrors when paired with amazing wooden paneling can create the perfect accent for a hallway. The result can be both exquisitely sophisticated and exceptionally functional.

Vintage Mirrors

3. Antique Mirrors in a Living Room

Living rooms where much of the entertaining of guests and, well, living takes place in a home are ideal areas to use antique mirrors. The stunning array of vintage mirror frames we have available can give the room a focal point. Even the most simplistic and plain living space can have a greater sense of grandeur with an antique mirror in place.

4. Framed Antique Mirror

While frameless vintage and antique mirrors do have their place, there is something truly special about a framed antique mirror. Particularly when the frame has an intricate pattern or etching around it or engaging adornments that make for great talking points.

Framed Antique Mirror

5. Antique Mirror Tiled Backsplash

Whether you are looking to give a small room a greater sense of depth and space or want to create an interesting and almost thought-provoking back to a larger room or even a kitchen, antique mirror tile backsplashes and antique mirror glass walls are great for this purpose. As well as enhancing the aesthetics they can provide a very functional purpose too.

Antique Mirror Tiled Backsplash

6. Furniture

Furniture stores, especially those selling high-end and very unique traditional pieces need to be able to show how their products would fit into customer’s homes and properties. In mock-ups of home environments, it can be useful to have antique mirrors, particularly when showcasing vintage furniture pieces like wingback armchairs, sideboards, and dressers.

7. Antique Mirror over a Fireplace

This mirror over the fireplace adds a sense of light and depth to this space without taking away from other decor. It can add an original look that is sure to draw eyes in itself, creating fascinating artwork for all those who gaze upon it.

Antique Mirror over a Fireplace

8. Antique Mirror in the Bedroom

The best places to place your antique mirror are across from your bed, in front of it or on a side wall. Placing the mirror opposite the footboard can balance out an asymmetrical room and highlight its beauty; placing it between two doors will make for symmetry while showcasing its charm. You could also choose a less symmetric spot if you’d like to have some fun with creative decorating!

Antique Mirror in the Bedroom

9. Antique Mirror Behind wet Bars

In a wet bar in a home setting, for an added touch of both realism and traditional decoration, antique mirrors can help to make the bar area shine. The reflection of the colorful and exquisitely shaped bottles can become a focal point.

Antique Mirror Behind wet Bars

Commercial Interiors

While many may think to only feature antique and vintage mirrors in residential properties, they can have pride of place in commercial property too. If you want to project an air of sophistication as a luxury brand, for instance, a vintage mirror in a prominent position can help hold together a carefully chosen décor that includes other vintage and antique furnishings and accessories too.

10. Hospitality

Within the hospitality industry, there are many great uses for antique and vintage mirrors. If you have designed a period-specific or traditional dining experience, a vintage mirror can help to sell the right atmosphere and ambiance.

11. Lobby Areas

Lobby areas can be very plain and if you want to help expand the elegance in the rest of the property to the lobby without overdoing it, the use of antique mirrors can do the trick. Whether you opt for a large-scale vintage mirror wall or series of smaller individual pieces, a touch of glitz, glamor, and decorative drama can enhance any space.

Lobby Areas

12. Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars that have a certain old-world theme or décor and color scheme can be enhanced with the use of stylish and traditional vintage mirrors. In the bar area or even in the dining section, it can help to add a touch of class while giving the illusion of a much larger space.

Restaurants and Bars

13. Hotels

Although noted above, it’s not just in elevator cabs that vintage and antique mirrors can be used to enhance the sophistication and elegance of hotels. Whether it’s in the hallways or the rooms themselves, these decorative and practical pieces can add to the charm of a hotel. Antique bathroom mirrors, vanities, and dressing room-size mirrors can all take up pride of place in a hotel room to help give it a real elegance while offering functionality too.

14. Elevator Cab Interiors

You may not think that elevator cabs would be the best location for installing antique mirrors. However, in boutique hotels, condos, apartment blocks, and design-conscious shopping malls, and other retail establishments, vintage mirrors can extend the experience from the front entrance throughout the building.

Elevator Cab Interiors

15. Hallways

A hall can look longer, wider, or brighter with the placement of antique mirrors within it. For a larger space that appears to stretch out further in length: place large reflective surfaces at each end wall. If you want a narrow corridor to appear broader and more open on both sides; then install bigger sized fixtures along either side walls instead.


16. Lounges

Lounges being the perfect place for informal meetings regarding business or friends socializing makes them another ideal setting where antique mirrors can be put to good use. They can help add an air of sophistication, whether the rest of the décor is more traditional or contemporary.

17. Casinos

Casinos are often about exuberance and classiness, with a mixture of the old with the new. This meeting of worlds in décor and furnishings is the perfect environment for well-placed, intricately designed vintage mirrors. Not only do they help with setting the high-class tone, but they also can provide a practical use for security keeping watch on patrons.

18. Department Stores

Upmarket department stores that house legacy brands and boutique concessions can benefit from the use of antique mirrors. Both as decorative pieces and in changing rooms and bathrooms to help carry the theme of the store and the brands it accommodates.

19. Boutique Shops

Antique mirrors are perfect for making a small boutique store feel bigger. They bring in additional light and can even make you forget about the space's size when they reflect your surroundings so well. Our favorite part of using antique mirrors is how much character they're able to add, which makes it more enjoyable to shop!

20. Wall Cladding & Wall Tiles

In place of more traditional wall claddings and wall tiles, antique mirrors can be used to add extra depth, while enhancing the elegance and classic look and feel of any building or room.

Wall Cladding & Wall Tiles

Any Size, any Space

We can fulfill all orders for mirrors. Whether you have standard dimensions you are working with and looking to fill or are working with something more customized and custom, we can help. We are fully skilled and experienced in producing oversized vanity and bathroom mirrors, large and expansive floor-to-ceiling mirrors for gyms and fitness rooms, full-length mirrors for fitting rooms and dressing rooms, closet door bifold or sliding mirrors.

If you need help finding the right kind of antique mirror for your property, one of our team will be happy to discuss this with you or your designer/decorator. Just get in touch and we can get the ball rolling.

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